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South African President Expands Saudi Influence

In an effort to expand South Africa’s economy, South Africa President Jacob Zuma had flown to Saudi Arabia during his state visit and had gone to the South Africa- Saudi Arabian Business Seminar in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. The President intends to tighten the cooperation between South Africa and Saudi Arabia. He believes that South Africa has competitive offerings for the Muslim kingdom.

According to the South African President:

“The next important step is to enhance bilateral trade‚ investment flows‚ the identification of targeted areas of collaboration and to address impediments in this respect as well as the implementation of a mutually agreed upon framework to enhance economic‚ trade and investment cooperation‚” he said.

“This includes collaboration in skills and technology transfers‚ the strengthening of trade institutions and optimal cooperation between the governments and private sectors of our two countries.”

The President highlights agricultural products, food processing equipment, natural goods from agricultural produce, mining management, mining equipment and technologies, minerals mapping and benefication.

He also highlighted South Africa’s medical and pharmaceuticals sector, clothing, textiles and leather industries, advanced manufacturing equipment, forestry, pulp and paper and furniture.

Saudi Arabia, which has diverse partnerships with the United States and Europe, may find prices in South Africa to its liking. South Africa can benefit from immense business deals, which can help save and uplift its diminishing economy.

South African Mall Construction Site Roof Collapse Leaves Dozens Trapped

About 50 people are estimated to be trapped after the collapse of a mall’s construction site roof. One person was killed in the incident. Authorities said that survivors are very likely to be found with the current rescue operations.

Teams are working in the dark with sniffer dogs in looking for the surviving employees at the Mall’s construction site in Tongaat, which is near Durban. According to the rescue operator Neil Powell, it was very difficult to find the survivors in the dark.

Aside from the 50 people trapped under the rubble, 30 injured people were delivered to hospitals. According to paramedics who responded to the scene, some of the injured had massive traumatic injuries.

The accident happened during the afternoon Tuesday. With 100 workers working while with hydraulic equipment was breaking through the concrete blocks, the roof’s foundation fell, according to investigators. However, according to Chris Bottha of Netcare 911, it was still too early to determine the cause of the collapse.

According to Tongaat’s Deputy Mayor, they had already imposed an injunction to halt the construction of the mall at the site. He said the construction firms failed to follow the law and violated certain safety conditions in continuing the building. The Deputy admitted they did not know the contractors continued their activities.


The Culture of Maputo: Socializing With Maputo’s Locals

Most travellers find excitement in knowing the culture and society of their location, and if you’re in Maputo in South Africa, respecting the culture and society of Maputo greatly matters as to any other country you visit. It is important to understand the following about Maputo’s locals to ensure your safety and that everyone you talk to could understand you properly.


1. Communication
When talking to Maputo’s locals and Mozambique locals in general, they tend to “beat around the bush”. This means they tend to talk about the subject indirectly and passively. Maputo’s locals are quite aware of the feelings of other people, so they cannot speak their true feelings at once. When they invite a person to a party or meeting, this might be half-hearted and only said out of politeness and courtesy. However, Mozambique locals are quite direct when addressing physical appearances and personal attributes.

2. Gender
Gender roles in Maputo and Mozambique tend to put women in a home-manager role where they only cook and ensure the house is in order for the family, but a great number of Maputo women are employed and work in fields that are male dominated. The further the locals are from the city of Maputo, the more they become traditional women. Women always cover their thighs as this is considered a private part. However, in Maputo and Mozambique’s society, they expect a woman to act differently than the local women.

3. Culture
A visitor to a Maputo local who refuses to stay for tea and a snack is considered by the general society a rude gesture. It is also impolite to refuse food, or other things, such as free service or products in Maputo. However, a justified response, such as an urgent activity afterwards, can suffice.

Touring Mozambique: Vacation Locations You Can Enjoy

South Africa is not just for safaris and for seeing the natural setting of wildlife and other creatures, it is also a haven for travelers. If you are growing tired of the usual travel spots in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Central United States, you might want to give Mozambique a try. The lush tropical paradise brings more than just relaxation, but also good food and adventures.

1. Maputo

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique in South Africa located near the shores of the Indian Ocean. In the early times, travelers and traders from different parts of the world would trade with the ports of Maputo, which made the city a lush metropolis. If you are looking for good seafood and spicy dishes, this is the place to go. Maputo also has many nightclubs and activity spots for those lovely evenings. The most you’ll see in Maputo are wildlife in the outskirts of the city as well as tropical beaches. You can also see most of Mozambique’s history in its architecture. Traveling by train is the best option of any tourist looking for a great time in Maputo.

2. Vilanculos

Vilanculos can be your destination if you’re looking to get away from the city life and into the far reaches of wildlife on the seaside. With lush beaches and a good selection of seafood dishes straight from the early morning’s catch, you are sure to enjoy your healthy appetite. You could also opt for cruises and water activities in the area.

3. Nampula

If you’re more of a history buff or you want to observe beautiful architecture, Nampula is the place for you. The Cathedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima, a hundred-years old cathedral in the city can be entered. To enrich yourself further with Mozambique’s history, you can visit the Mozambique National Etnographic museum. Although a metropolis, Nampula offers many resorts with infinity pools and room service spa services.