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Pope Visits Africa For The First Time

On November 25 to 30, Pope Francis will visit Africa, particularly Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

The Pope went on an invitation by heads of state and local bishops in each of Africa’s countries. The inviters believe Africa’s Catholic community is growing by the numbers as 200 million Africans were baptised as Catholics in 35 years, staking a 238 increase from the 80s.

However, many stipulate that the Pope’s views on married priests, compassion for homosexuals and owing greater roles in Catholic service for women may displease some Catholic figures and evangelists in the country.

Some heads of state also disagree regarding homosexuality being legalised in both citizenship and marriage.

Security Doubles Up

In Italy, the Pope’s security ramped up due to recent bombing incidents in Europe. Police forces inspected bags before they entered St. Peter’s Basilica where the Pope’s Angelus was heard regularly.

Before entering the square, the faithful must go through a series of metal detectors.

However, security forces close to the Pope knew the latter to be quite indifferent to his own security but are concerned about the attacks and those who flock around him.