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South African President Expands Saudi Influence

In an effort to expand South Africa’s economy, South Africa President Jacob Zuma had flown to Saudi Arabia during his state visit and had gone to the South Africa- Saudi Arabian Business Seminar in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. The President intends to tighten the cooperation between South Africa and Saudi Arabia. He believes that South Africa has competitive offerings for the Muslim kingdom.

According to the South African President:

“The next important step is to enhance bilateral trade‚ investment flows‚ the identification of targeted areas of collaboration and to address impediments in this respect as well as the implementation of a mutually agreed upon framework to enhance economic‚ trade and investment cooperation‚” he said.

“This includes collaboration in skills and technology transfers‚ the strengthening of trade institutions and optimal cooperation between the governments and private sectors of our two countries.”

The President highlights agricultural products, food processing equipment, natural goods from agricultural produce, mining management, mining equipment and technologies, minerals mapping and benefication.

He also highlighted South Africa’s medical and pharmaceuticals sector, clothing, textiles and leather industries, advanced manufacturing equipment, forestry, pulp and paper and furniture.

Saudi Arabia, which has diverse partnerships with the United States and Europe, may find prices in South Africa to its liking. South Africa can benefit from immense business deals, which can help save and uplift its diminishing economy.

Maputo’s Urbanization The Latest Challenge to Mozambique’s Growing Economy

According to economic development analysts, Mozambique’s growing economy is offset by its challenges to urbanise the capital of Maputo. According to them, half of households only live on less than $125 monthly.

The capital has a population of 2.5 million, which would grow to four million by 2025. With no clear urban planning growth in the 1980s, thousands of plots of land were redistributed for citizen housing. Because of this unregulated urban growth, it has overstretched the city’s health, education and transport systems.

This had led to the poor quality of living in the area. Residents are living in inadequate housing in low areas prone to flash floods, virtually no access to water and sewage systems, and waterborne disease outbreaks.

About three quarters of residents live in informal settlements. Most of these are built with poor material. According to SciDev.net’s research, most apartments in Maputo, despite their comely appearance, are prone to power shortages.

Road development is also an issue in Maputo. The roads have been loosely developed with poor materials. Because of the poor construction, some sewage systems have been exposed, allowing patches of farmland in the urban area to use it for crop irrigation.


Issues Existing in Maputo Today

Maputo is a great place to stay for vacation as people are hospitable and with the great charms of the tropical climate and restaurants and hotels, you could easily be tranced. However, Maputo is like any other country. Sometimes, one country has more problems than other vacation spots. Maputo also has its own great, unresolved issues.

1. Poverty
Maputo is a very poor city greatly affected by the economic crises in the past few years, the inflation of prices and daily needs. You could probably see children greatly below the adult age begging for money in the streets. The limited opportunities to gain income in the city had many beg for money or even do menial jobs.

2. Problem With Transportation
Maputo has not enough buses and mini-vans for its local population. While cabs could take anybody anywhere, it is a very expensive way to travel. People could spend half their income monthly for transportation.

3. Sanitation
While restaurants, hotels and resorts provide the best amenities to tourists and to rich locals, there is insufficient housing and sanitary conditions for locals are well beyond world standard. Slum-like house construction using cheap construction materials and even makeshift items exist in town outskirts. The plentiful numbers of these neighbourhoods make for poor sanitary conditions in the slums.

Life in Maputo, Mozambique: An Insider’s View

According to experts, Mozambique is now a country that is full of hope and is a slowly emerging economy even after difficult times. Two civil wars have ripped the country apart from the 80’s until its early 90s. Today, it has an industry and economy that thrives on tourism and coal mining.

Maputo is a cultural destination for many tourists, but its locals consider that their country is still undergoing a massive transformation. While their respective societies expect most Maputo and Mozambique women to stay at home to take care of their children, the modernized society of these countries have women who are train drivers, cab drivers and office personnel. Women are given the right to equally compete against men in terms of jobs and work.

Natural resources are the main source of economy for Mozambique. It’s rich vegetation, coal mines, minerals and culture has made it a worldwide hit. However it is for Maputo and Mozambique’s culture that entice most travellers. Maputo also has a diverse architecture and a history that can intrigue tourists to see the vacation spot.

Many people have excelled in creating delivery companies, advertisement agencies, job hunters, science, and industry, which contributes to the overall growth of the country. National treasures for culture and the arts are also being awarded; experts take this as a sign of Maputo and Mozambique’s achievement of economic stability and growth.