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Pope Visits Africa For The First Time

On November 25 to 30, Pope Francis will visit Africa, particularly Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

The Pope went on an invitation by heads of state and local bishops in each of Africa’s countries. The inviters believe Africa’s Catholic community is growing by the numbers as 200 million Africans were baptised as Catholics in 35 years, staking a 238 increase from the 80s.

However, many stipulate that the Pope’s views on married priests, compassion for homosexuals and owing greater roles in Catholic service for women may displease some Catholic figures and evangelists in the country.

Some heads of state also disagree regarding homosexuality being legalised in both citizenship and marriage.

Security Doubles Up

In Italy, the Pope’s security ramped up due to recent bombing incidents in Europe. Police forces inspected bags before they entered St. Peter’s Basilica where the Pope’s Angelus was heard regularly.

Before entering the square, the faithful must go through a series of metal detectors.

However, security forces close to the Pope knew the latter to be quite indifferent to his own security but are concerned about the attacks and those who flock around him.

Life in Maputo, Mozambique: An Insider’s View

According to experts, Mozambique is now a country that is full of hope and is a slowly emerging economy even after difficult times. Two civil wars have ripped the country apart from the 80’s until its early 90s. Today, it has an industry and economy that thrives on tourism and coal mining.

Maputo is a cultural destination for many tourists, but its locals consider that their country is still undergoing a massive transformation. While their respective societies expect most Maputo and Mozambique women to stay at home to take care of their children, the modernized society of these countries have women who are train drivers, cab drivers and office personnel. Women are given the right to equally compete against men in terms of jobs and work.

Natural resources are the main source of economy for Mozambique. It’s rich vegetation, coal mines, minerals and culture has made it a worldwide hit. However it is for Maputo and Mozambique’s culture that entice most travellers. Maputo also has a diverse architecture and a history that can intrigue tourists to see the vacation spot.

Many people have excelled in creating delivery companies, advertisement agencies, job hunters, science, and industry, which contributes to the overall growth of the country. National treasures for culture and the arts are also being awarded; experts take this as a sign of Maputo and Mozambique’s achievement of economic stability and growth.

The Culture of Maputo: Socializing With Maputo’s Locals

Most travellers find excitement in knowing the culture and society of their location, and if you’re in Maputo in South Africa, respecting the culture and society of Maputo greatly matters as to any other country you visit. It is important to understand the following about Maputo’s locals to ensure your safety and that everyone you talk to could understand you properly.


1. Communication
When talking to Maputo’s locals and Mozambique locals in general, they tend to “beat around the bush”. This means they tend to talk about the subject indirectly and passively. Maputo’s locals are quite aware of the feelings of other people, so they cannot speak their true feelings at once. When they invite a person to a party or meeting, this might be half-hearted and only said out of politeness and courtesy. However, Mozambique locals are quite direct when addressing physical appearances and personal attributes.

2. Gender
Gender roles in Maputo and Mozambique tend to put women in a home-manager role where they only cook and ensure the house is in order for the family, but a great number of Maputo women are employed and work in fields that are male dominated. The further the locals are from the city of Maputo, the more they become traditional women. Women always cover their thighs as this is considered a private part. However, in Maputo and Mozambique’s society, they expect a woman to act differently than the local women.

3. Culture
A visitor to a Maputo local who refuses to stay for tea and a snack is considered by the general society a rude gesture. It is also impolite to refuse food, or other things, such as free service or products in Maputo. However, a justified response, such as an urgent activity afterwards, can suffice.

Touring Mozambique: Vacation Locations You Can Enjoy

South Africa is not just for safaris and for seeing the natural setting of wildlife and other creatures, it is also a haven for travelers. If you are growing tired of the usual travel spots in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Central United States, you might want to give Mozambique a try. The lush tropical paradise brings more than just relaxation, but also good food and adventures.

1. Maputo

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique in South Africa located near the shores of the Indian Ocean. In the early times, travelers and traders from different parts of the world would trade with the ports of Maputo, which made the city a lush metropolis. If you are looking for good seafood and spicy dishes, this is the place to go. Maputo also has many nightclubs and activity spots for those lovely evenings. The most you’ll see in Maputo are wildlife in the outskirts of the city as well as tropical beaches. You can also see most of Mozambique’s history in its architecture. Traveling by train is the best option of any tourist looking for a great time in Maputo.

2. Vilanculos

Vilanculos can be your destination if you’re looking to get away from the city life and into the far reaches of wildlife on the seaside. With lush beaches and a good selection of seafood dishes straight from the early morning’s catch, you are sure to enjoy your healthy appetite. You could also opt for cruises and water activities in the area.

3. Nampula

If you’re more of a history buff or you want to observe beautiful architecture, Nampula is the place for you. The Cathedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima, a hundred-years old cathedral in the city can be entered. To enrich yourself further with Mozambique’s history, you can visit the Mozambique National Etnographic museum. Although a metropolis, Nampula offers many resorts with infinity pools and room service spa services.