Tips to Saving Money on Travel Accommodations

Travel accommodations and hotels are expensive. While there are good alternatives to save money on hotel accommodations, there are also ways to avoid them altogether. Here are a few tips to help you on your next trip.

1. Train Rides

When traveling for only three days, you’d want to begin your adventure as soon as possible. If traveling in Europe, you can actually get a bunk bed on the train when taking a long, night train ride. Night train rides are usually slower and can last for at least 9 to 12 hours. If you rent a bunk bed, you could sleep the entire trip off and do it again if you’re hopping from one location to another.

2. Bus Rides

Bus rides, while not affording you the comforts of a bunk bed, can also be useful if you’re continuously traveling and wanting to regain just enough energy for yourself. However, bus rides can take longer, traveling for more than 14-16 hours but it has stop overs so that you could dine and take pictures of route attractions.

3. Plane Rides

Airplanes also have overnight flights that can help you save on hotel accommodations. If you have a business meeting by 7am, travel to your business destination as early as 9pm, then sleep off at the airplane until you arrive. It is important to estimate at least 12-14 hours of flight depending on your location.

What Most Travel Insurance Packages Provide

Any travel package will consist of an insurance policy designed to protect you from basic health dangers associated with the area. You can inquire about this with your travel agent and make adjustments depending on your existing medical condition or the condition of the location’s environment. Listed here are some details of these particular travel insurance packages.

1. Vaccines

Depending on your travel location will be the vaccines supplied by the insurance company. The vaccines usually help you avoid common germ and virus-induced sicknesses and diseases. Taking note of your possible allergies, the insurance company may even provide you with the right medical items needed in case of an attack.

2. Medical Hospital Accommodation

Basic health insurance for travel ensure that you have a hospital room in case of any emergency regardless of your location. The health insurance you have guarantees a partial to full payment of your medical problems that might happen during the trip depending on the premiums you pay for.

3. Baggage Insurance

Your belongings are also safeguarded by most insurance packages, but the level of recovery is also based on the premiums you paid for with your insurance. Paying for a premium price can guarantee that anything you lose during the trip, including clothes, miscellaneous items and anything “tagged” by the insurance company will be recovered with a completely new item.

4. Canceled Trip Repayment

If you cancel your trip any time before you finish your itinerary, your insurance policy could grant you a percentage of refunds from your travel fees for the package. This is the basic premium on virtually every travel insurance and often costs less than the amount you paid for your trip.

To Backpack Or Travel Leisurely: Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you ever read a “choose your own adventure” book wherein you are given a choice of pages to choose from that can affect the outcome of the book’s story? The situation is similar when choosing to travel leisurely or to backpack your way across your travel location. Each offers its own perks and disadvantages. Here’s an explanation of how each adventure can be different.

When backpacking, you are subject to the actual, realistic community of the location. You can see the location more than the leisure and tourist spots that it offers you; you learn the ways of the community in it. You learn the cultural aspects, traditions, jobs and living conditions in the area. Backpacking is a good experience because you learn to be independent and adapt to a new environment entirely foreign from your own, which makes for a good life accomplishment.

Leisure traveling is mostly made for entertainment. A once-in-a-lifetime travel to a location cannot be more magical than leisurely traveling the pleasures the location can offer you. Tourist guides, aides and proper hotel accommodations will give you security as you enjoy the best the location can offer you. With itineraries, you’ll be sure what to expect and you will create good and vivid memories of time spent in the location.

Obviously, leisure traveling is more expensive than backpacking. However, backpacking can also be expensive depending on the spending and practicality that you implement during your travels. Each one offers a unique experience in a unique setting.

So go on, choose your own adventure.

PPI Claiming: When Working With Claims Experts

Payment protection insurance claims experts are not really the sure-fire solutions to making your PPI claim succesful; they are only there to help make things easier and faster for you and to ensure that all details of your claim are considered to get your repayments in full. Knowing how to work with a claims expert efficiently is important when considering their service. Here is a list of things you’ll need to remember.

1. Location

Work with a claims management company established near your area or city. Working with a claims expert who lives far away from your location may hamper communications and your regular updates and meetings about your claim. Location is very important just so you can receive news that can help you make the proper adjustments to making your claims succesful.

2. Information

You’ll need the evidences necessary to prove your validity in making your PPI claim successful. Claims experts will need a copy of the following: your first PPI billing statement, your birth certificate, employment certificate, business permit, civil status certificate and a possible medical check-up certificate dated less than six months before you purchased the insurance policy. All of these would help them validate the length of your claim, why you are ineligible for the insurance and how much you are due for refunds.

3. Be Open

Always try to help your claims expert retrieve certain data that you might have about your PPI should you have the access or the information with you. Trust your claims expert; they cannot read your minds nor make miracles. They can only help you make your claim as efficient as can be.

Travel Tips: Buying Items or Carrying Your Own Fanny Pack?

In this article, it was discussed that buying clothes as souvenirs for yourself and using them as part of your daily wear can save you much money and trouble in carrying your bag. But is it really convenient to just purchase the things you need in your location or have your own set of items you need for yourself in your bag. Which actually saves money? Here’s a good breakdown.

1. Item Costs Depend on Location

The price of items in the USA may be more expensive than the prices of items in Central America whereas European products may be more expensive than USA items. The prices of items and services depend on your travel location’s local pricing and suggested retail prices. A bit of research would help you find the prices of items you need in the location.

2. Most Hotels Can Provide You The Necessities

Toothpaste and toothbrushes are common stays in hotels. Some hotels even offer electric shavers and free daily hair and body soap depending on your accommodation. Asking your hotel if they have these amenities can save you so much money. You could purchase local products if you find the hotel products insufficient.

3. Mobile Services Extend To Country

If you are subscribed to a telecom that also has a branch in your vacation spot, you would not need to make a new subscription to enjoy low charges. You can talk to the local telecom service provider and ask about your telecom service in the country. You might not need to bring your own laptop as well; most hotels provide Internet access and sometimes even laptops for rent to their customers.

Vacation Packing: Useful Tips You Can Use

Packing your bags for vacations is a simple, yet difficult task because of the problems you could face with too much luggage. You might need to pay extra costs for weight or you might be bringing too much weight with you while traveling, especially if you’re only backpacking. Here are a few things to remember when packing for your vacation.

1. The Length of Your Stay

Backpacking or leisure touring, the length of your stay will dictate the number of clothes to bring in your travels. If you’re only staying for two days, you might only need two day clothes and one nightie for the evening. If staying for a week, at least four sets of clothes should be fine.

2. Occasion

When traveling, sometimes you might need to attend gatherings and social functions, requiring you to outfit yourself in the best possible manner. If you are only to attend once, you can bring only one pair of your clothes. Be sure to have it packaged neatly and pressed before wearing; most travel bags can be cramped, spoiling the clothes.

3. Buying Clothes

If you are buying souvenirs such as locally manufactured clothes, you might opt to purchase one for yourself and wear it in your destination. This option might be quite expensive, but it lightens your load and allows you to carry more souvenirs in your bag.

4. Local Laundry Service

Let’s stay you’re staying for a week and you have four sets of clothes. Once they get spoiled and dirtied, you could have the local laundry service or room service in your hotel wash them for you. You might be charged for the service, but you are definitely saving yourself a hassle of a time carrying a heavy bag elsewhere.

Getting Discounts For Hotel Accommodations

Hotel accommodations are usually the most expensive part of traveling, but there are ways to lower their prices accordingly. By traveling as a group or cutting out some itineraries in your stay, you could reduce the prices of your stay effectively. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get discounts in most hotels in the world.

1. Get a Discount Card

If you are a business traveler, this tip is for you. If you’re traveling off-country but you are staying in a branch of a hotel chain available worldwide, you could avail a discount card. A discount card can grant you usually around 30% discounts on your stay when hotels have their promotions. Some cards accumulate points, allowing you to receive gifts, prizes or even free services from the hotels.

2. Travel as a Group

Some hotels usually have holiday or off-peak season promotions that grant a specific number of people in a group discounts. If you are traveling as a group, you might encounter one of these. In Southeast Asia, hotel promotions usually feature discounts for groups, including breakfasts in the morning.

3. Avoiding Packages

Hotels can allow customers to cut out some of the itineraries prepared for hotel accommodation packages. If you do not need to have pool access or any other special services or you insist on shopping and cooking your own meals, you can effectively reduce your hotel bills. Effective especially for backpackers.

4. Econo Rooms

If you are only staying for one night, consider getting only the econo rooms. Econo rooms are usually priced 40% -60% less than the standard hotel room. While it is smaller and features less amenities than high-end rooms, econo rooms can help cut off much expenses from the budget.

Backpacking Tips: Saving Money on Commuting

Money is a big factor in backpacking and you can only do so much to juggle your expenses depending on the costs of living in the area. Saving money on commuting and moving around the area is important so you could have something to spend for food and necessities. Here are a few tips to help you in the process.

1. Check The Internet

Most travel agencies, bus, train and airline services have travel promotions for customers who are looking for budget travels. Depending on peak seasons are the costs of journeying from one location to another. For example, if it is not summer in Mozambique, airlines might consider lowering their prices for travels to Mozambique.  The prices are likely to rise during the peak season. Check these details and see if you can secure discounted tickets.

2. Hitch Rides

If your traveling inside your location and cannot afford to rent a car for your travels, you could hitch in the cars of passing travelers. Developing talks with such people also enriches your backpacking experience. It also brings you closer to the culture of the area and the country in itself.

3. Renting a Bunk

If you are traveling by train and wanting to save money for accommodations in your next location, you may want to travel at night. Train tickets are usually cheaper at night because it travels much slower in the evening. You can spend the night sleeping in your coach or you could rent a bunk and sleep while you travel. You save money in both the night ticket and your hotel accommodations.

4. Walk The Miles

Sometimes, you could just walk to reach your next location should it not be that far. Walking can help your body develop more strength. Just be sure to spend for healthy and energy-boosting food and keep a good diet. Not only does it save you money, but also helps you get energy that you need.

Touring Mozambique: Vacation Locations You Can Enjoy

South Africa is not just for safaris and for seeing the natural setting of wildlife and other creatures, it is also a haven for travelers. If you are growing tired of the usual travel spots in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Central United States, you might want to give Mozambique a try. The lush tropical paradise brings more than just relaxation, but also good food and adventures.

1. Maputo

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique in South Africa located near the shores of the Indian Ocean. In the early times, travelers and traders from different parts of the world would trade with the ports of Maputo, which made the city a lush metropolis. If you are looking for good seafood and spicy dishes, this is the place to go. Maputo also has many nightclubs and activity spots for those lovely evenings. The most you’ll see in Maputo are wildlife in the outskirts of the city as well as tropical beaches. You can also see most of Mozambique’s history in its architecture. Traveling by train is the best option of any tourist looking for a great time in Maputo.

2. Vilanculos

Vilanculos can be your destination if you’re looking to get away from the city life and into the far reaches of wildlife on the seaside. With lush beaches and a good selection of seafood dishes straight from the early morning’s catch, you are sure to enjoy your healthy appetite. You could also opt for cruises and water activities in the area.

3. Nampula

If you’re more of a history buff or you want to observe beautiful architecture, Nampula is the place for you. The Cathedral de Nossa Senhora da Fatima, a hundred-years old cathedral in the city can be entered. To enrich yourself further with Mozambique’s history, you can visit the Mozambique National Etnographic museum. Although a metropolis, Nampula offers many resorts with infinity pools and room service spa services.