France Loans Mozambique $44 Million for Maputo International Airport

The French government granted a soft loan of $44 million to finance the rehabilitation of the Maputo International Airport runway.  Mozambican Finance Minister Manuel Chang, French Minister of Foreign Trade Nicole Bricq and the Maputo Director of the French Development Agency Virigine Dago signed the agreement on Monday.

The soft loan has 20 years maturity time and includes a grace period of over four years. It has an interest rate of 0.79% after the grace period.

Finance Minister Manuel Chang said that the $44 million loan will help in the expansion of the Mozambique International Airport because it can add new international and domestic terminals. It will also provide passengers the safety and convenience they deserve.

The total cost for rehabilitating the international airport’s runway is at $70.5 million dollars. Aside from France, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Union-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund or ITF will be providing $25 million and $1.5 million respectively.

Around 38 French business people looking to improve their economic relationships with Mozambique accompanied French Minister of Foreign Trade Nicole Bricq. She said that the Economic Services section will be opened soon in Maputo’s French Embassy.

The rehabilitation of the runway will give Mozambique a better for of travel, airport security and cargo handling facilities. It also targets the increase of tourism for the country.


Reasons Why You Should Claim for Your Injury Compensation

Laws can only protect your right to exist if you learn about it. If you are saying our laws today are extremely tangled beyond one man’s comprehension, learning about your basic rights is enough. It is important that you know how to claim compensation in my honest opinion because:

1. Insurance Companies Are Cutting Costs
Insurance companies will say anything to get you to buy their financial products and many of them indeed fulfil their end. However, if you’re not knowledgeable about making a claim for your compensation, the insurance company can just wave off your claim with a lump sum depending on the facts you present. A practical claim is made out of essential facts, something that reputable claims companies such as No Win No Fee Adviceline would say.

2. Offenders Will Argue Less Responsibility
Without the basis of facts and knowledge of claiming, your offender can argue less responsibility, which allows them to pay you less compensation. Courts can become lax with the lack of conventional facts and newer kinds of information to help other claimants in the future. The justice system wouldn’t get updated to provide fairness in a modernizing world.

3. It is Due for Your Right to Live
One time, a workmate of mine got into an equipment accident that paralyzed a part of his hand. With proper recompense, he is able to live on government and company-provided benefit because of his loss of consortium and impairment. If you do not know how to make an injury claim, you silently remove your right to live.

Why Socializing is Important in Traveling

You may have heard stories of some travellers recalling the time they talked with a local when they got lost or when they needed directions. These people, who learned to speak the native language of their travel location, expressed the genuine appreciation of culture and local tradition just because they learned to speak the local language.

These stories prove that socializing with anyone in your vacation, even the people who may not understand your native or secondary language will help you enjoy your vacation further. It will help you know more about culture, the composition of the language and the reflection of the local culture and tradition in the language’s construction.

When you talk to local people in their own language, you share camaraderie with them given that your way of talking does not implore them to give you special treatment. In this way, you win their respect, and they find it more comfortable to talk to you in their own language.

Socializing will also help you find better tips, especially in trying to lower your expenses. Some cheaper or non-tourist price boutique shops only have retailers who might only speak in their native tongues. By learning their language, effective communication can give you things you need for half the price.

Remember, learning a new language is difficult, but rewarding, not just because it helps you during your vacations, but because it helps you learn more about the country and makes your travels safer with people genuinely giving you their help.

East African Leaders Declare Refusal of Coup

East African leaders stated that they will not allow an overthrow of South Sudan’s government as clashes between the government and the opposition had brought more than 1,000 casualties. Kenya’s president had also declared an immediate end to the fighting to give way for diplomatic discussion on both sides.

The coup in South Sudan roots from a power struggle between President Salva Kiir and former deputy Riek Machar. The power struggle had involved ethnicity-related killings, specifically between the Dinka and Nuer Ethnic groups, which Kiir and Machar respectfully belong to.

More than 10,000 refugees had fled the country. Over 60,000 South Sudanese refugees are currently in UN compounds across Africa.

The Igad, an eight-member East African bloc, had met in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The Kenyan and Ethiopian president had met with President Kiir in Juba in South Sudan earlier than the Nairobi meeting to discuss the problem in the country. However, President Kiir will be absent according to a State House Official because of the earlier Juba meeting with both leaders.

According to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Igad will not accept the unconstitutional overthrow of a duly and democratically-elected government in South Sudan.

A major stakeholder of South Sudan’s oil exports, China had sent its own envoy to try and negotiate an end to the political instability in the country.


Port of Maputo Expected to Handle 17 Million Tons of Cargo

According to the Maputo Port Development Company, they expect the Port of Maputo to exceed its current record of 17 million tons of cargo. According to the Mozambican news agency AIM, Minister for Transport and Communications Gabriel Muthisse, said that the efforts for growth and commitment to the national and regional economy had the port’s growth as evidence.

The expectations of the Maputo Port Development Company come at a crucial time as the Sappi group is eyeing the African port as its export centre to Asian Markets. The group announced in October that together with four more companies, they will make use of the port to ship 10,000 containers yearly using the Port of Maputo. The group’s factory resides 250 kilometers away in Mpumalanga.

The Sappi group dissolves wood pulp, which it exports to different clients and business all over the world such as China, India and Indonesia. Its primary use is to make thread for textiles and other luxury flooring.

According to Muthisse, more work is needed for the port to have “economic justification”. Muthisse hinted that future projects could mean renovating the port to accommodate larger ships to put it at the same level as the Richards Bay and Durban ports in the area.


South African Mall Construction Site Roof Collapse Leaves Dozens Trapped

About 50 people are estimated to be trapped after the collapse of a mall’s construction site roof. One person was killed in the incident. Authorities said that survivors are very likely to be found with the current rescue operations.

Teams are working in the dark with sniffer dogs in looking for the surviving employees at the Mall’s construction site in Tongaat, which is near Durban. According to the rescue operator Neil Powell, it was very difficult to find the survivors in the dark.

Aside from the 50 people trapped under the rubble, 30 injured people were delivered to hospitals. According to paramedics who responded to the scene, some of the injured had massive traumatic injuries.

The accident happened during the afternoon Tuesday. With 100 workers working while with hydraulic equipment was breaking through the concrete blocks, the roof’s foundation fell, according to investigators. However, according to Chris Bottha of Netcare 911, it was still too early to determine the cause of the collapse.

According to Tongaat’s Deputy Mayor, they had already imposed an injunction to halt the construction of the mall at the site. He said the construction firms failed to follow the law and violated certain safety conditions in continuing the building. The Deputy admitted they did not know the contractors continued their activities.


Oil Companies Buy 20% of Mozambique Gas Field Stake, Borrows $4 Billion

The Oil and National Gas Corporation, which is the international branch of the local indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, is to borrow a record-breaking $4 billion from the industry and the government to fund its acquisition of a giant Mozambique gas field.

Other companies, OVL and Oil India LTD will be buying 10% of the Mozambique gas field, which amounts to $2.475 billion. OVL confirmed it is willing to borrow $4 billion to acquire the gas field stakes. OVL and OIL’s joint venture will split their field purchase at 60/40 as OVL’s share is $1.485 billion from the $2 billion price. The company plans to raise $1.5 billion to purchase the land next week.

OVL plans to refinance the $1.5 billion loan within 3-4 months as India’s economy is looking good. The company recently purchased an $800 million interest in an Azerbaijan oil field.

The Mozambique Rovuma Area 1 could possibly hold 35 to 65 cubic feet of gas reserves. These gases are then converted into LNG, used in most households and allows for better transportation for extractors.

Financial Conduct Authority Reveals PPI Claims Investigation Results

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, only 6 out of 18 banks are complying with the standards and proper processing of PPI claims. The remaining banks are still “slowing down” the entire PPI claims process. FCA Chief Executive Martin Wheatley said that he expected payment protection insurance complaints to die down in months, but he said that “it was not the case”.

PPI is the most complained-about financial product in the United Kingdom, meriting 75% of the total complaints the Financial Ombudsman Services currently receives. Anybody intending to make a claim is advised to work with a PPI Claims Company to aid in legal counsel and precise repayment estimates.

The Financial Ombudsman Service confirmed that it received around 266,000 PPI complaints in the first two quarters of 2013 marking a significant increase of 26% from the last quarter of 2012. According to Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney, banks are still “dragging their feet” to address the situation.

The investigation of the Financial Conduct Authority found that bank call centres do not pay attention to the detail of a PPI’s inclusions and exclusions, enough attention to customer circumstances during the time of sale and could not provide a good reason as for the unnecessary bank delays in the provision of compensation.


Issues Existing in Maputo Today

Maputo is a great place to stay for vacation as people are hospitable and with the great charms of the tropical climate and restaurants and hotels, you could easily be tranced. However, Maputo is like any other country. Sometimes, one country has more problems than other vacation spots. Maputo also has its own great, unresolved issues.

1. Poverty
Maputo is a very poor city greatly affected by the economic crises in the past few years, the inflation of prices and daily needs. You could probably see children greatly below the adult age begging for money in the streets. The limited opportunities to gain income in the city had many beg for money or even do menial jobs.

2. Problem With Transportation
Maputo has not enough buses and mini-vans for its local population. While cabs could take anybody anywhere, it is a very expensive way to travel. People could spend half their income monthly for transportation.

3. Sanitation
While restaurants, hotels and resorts provide the best amenities to tourists and to rich locals, there is insufficient housing and sanitary conditions for locals are well beyond world standard. Slum-like house construction using cheap construction materials and even makeshift items exist in town outskirts. The plentiful numbers of these neighbourhoods make for poor sanitary conditions in the slums.

Becoming an Expatriate in Maputo

East Africa is a great country to live in and Maputo is certainly a good place to stay in. The tropical temperature, natural and wide environment will give you the comforts that no urban paradise could provide. Here are a few things to remember to become an expatriate in Maputo.


1. Culture
Maputo has its own culture and you have your own too. However, if you are to stay in the country, it is important that you learn about its history and culture. Getting along with neighbors and the community means learning the language, body language, the people’s beliefs and needs and how to respect their culture.

2. Cicade Cimento
If you are looking to stay with other expatriates in Maputo, Cicade Cimento occupies a great view to the sea and has the largest community of expatriates. However, the cost of living in this area might be quite expensive. As an urban location, Cicade Cimento is prone to heavy traffic and high pollution.

3. Baixa
If you’re interested in Maputo’s history and culture, you could visit Baixa and find the ruins of the early buildings of both colonists and early settlers. Baixa has a steady stream of tourists, but you could own a property here for you to live in and use the area’s tourist traffic to your advantage, such as buying another property for transient rental.