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Political Killings in South Africa To Be Investigated

According to South African Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, more than 20 politically-motivated incidents have occured in the country.

The Police Minister said in a media briefing in Cape Town that he has set up a task team to investigate political killings.

The team is built with seven detectives, five crime intelligence officers, four members from the Hawks and eleven members of the taxi violence task team.

According to the minister, these are the cases currently before police:


One case reported on 19 June at Pretoria show-grounds when there was an ANC media briefing regarding the mayoral candidate. One suspect was arrested and has been released on bail. The case will be back in court on 11 August 2016.

North West

One case of murder was reported on 18 March in Maboloka and the matter is still under investigation. No arrests have been made.

Eastern Cape

One case of murder was reported in Tsolo after a shooting incident.  Six suspects were arrested and the case has been remanded to 24 September 2016 for further investigations.


One case of murder has been registered at Del Mar police station.

KwaZulu Natal

1. In Imbali township, outside Pietermaritzburg, a case of double murder was reported after  an ANC branch general meeting, two members were shot and killed. Three suspects were arrested, two of them were successfully linked to the murders but one suspect could not be linked. The case will be back in court on 23 August 2016.

2. In area of Inchanga on 24 January 2016 a case of murder and attempted murder was reported after a physical confrontation between South African Communist Party (SACP) members and African National Congress (ANC) members in the area. Seven suspects were arrested and the case was before court 22 July 2016.  Investigations continue.

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Maputo Protocol on Women Ratified By Sierra Leone

The Parliament of Sierra Leone finally ratifies a government motion on the African Union Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa, dated 11th July of 2003.

Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affair’s Minister Moijeh Kaikai said that Sierra Leone will provide the benefits provided by the government action already duplicates the benefits in the Child Rights Act, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, CEDAW, the Sexual Offences Act of 2012.

Honorable Josephine Emma Kowa said the protocol had come and gone out of Parliament but is finally ratified. She said the ratification of the protocol would strengthen the laws passed by the Parliament to protect women from rape and other forms of violence against women.

Honorable Jariatu K. Smith said that the Galleries that the House was not discussing the ban of the Bondo Society. She also discussed that abortion was necessary on the grounds of rape and proven medical conditions.

Renamo Spokesman Detained by Mozambique Authorities

Renamo Spokesman Detained by Mozambique AuthoritiesAuthorities have captured The Office of the President of Renamo Spokesman Antonio Muchunga after he left the peace talks between the Mozambican government and the opposition. Muchunga is accused of inciting violence against the government using his capacity as the spokesman of Party Leader Afonso Dhlakama, who is still in hiding. He is the second Renamo spokesman arrested in the previous year.

Dhlakama threatens to divide the country once again unless the Mozambican government agrees to his demands, which involve the representation of Renamo in the armed forces and police. Dhlakama is a former leader of a rebel group that attacked the Frelimo government in 2013 and is still continuing.

Spokesman Muchunga had repeatedly accused the Mozambican government for inciting violence and suppressing the freedom of expression of the Mozambican press.

However, all speculation by the opposition party is lost as they do not understand the motive the Mozambican government has for arresting the spokesman.

Police surrounded the vehicle and took away Muchunga, accompanied by Renamo State Council member Manuel Lole. Lole had not been captured, but described that Muchunga was “smuggled away.”


Reasons Why You Should Claim for Your Injury Compensation

Laws can only protect your right to exist if you learn about it. If you are saying our laws today are extremely tangled beyond one man’s comprehension, learning about your basic rights is enough. It is important that you know how to claim compensation in my honest opinion because:

1. Insurance Companies Are Cutting Costs
Insurance companies will say anything to get you to buy their financial products and many of them indeed fulfil their end. However, if you’re not knowledgeable about making a claim for your compensation, the insurance company can just wave off your claim with a lump sum depending on the facts you present. A practical claim is made out of essential facts, something that reputable claims companies such as No Win No Fee Adviceline would say.

2. Offenders Will Argue Less Responsibility
Without the basis of facts and knowledge of claiming, your offender can argue less responsibility, which allows them to pay you less compensation. Courts can become lax with the lack of conventional facts and newer kinds of information to help other claimants in the future. The justice system wouldn’t get updated to provide fairness in a modernizing world.

3. It is Due for Your Right to Live
One time, a workmate of mine got into an equipment accident that paralyzed a part of his hand. With proper recompense, he is able to live on government and company-provided benefit because of his loss of consortium and impairment. If you do not know how to make an injury claim, you silently remove your right to live.

Whiplash Compensation Claims: Honest Drivers Paying £118 Yearly For Car Insurance

The UK insurance company Aviva recently announced that most of its car insurance holders are paying an extra £118 yearly due to the increasing number of fraudulent and exaggerated whiplash compensation claims. Young and new drivers are the ones bearing the brunt of the insurance payment rise.

It is not only Aviva, but the rest of the UK insurance industry, that loses millions of pounds because of fraudulent whiplash compensation claims. The Ministry of Justice and the UK government proposed to reduce the number of these fraud claims to encourage insurance companies to challenge suspicious claims and lower the insurance industry losses.

The MOJ announced that it would have the Small Claims Court pay out more than its normal £1000 claims payout to reach a ceiling of £5000. The MOJ and the government also plans to place a minimal speed limit for whiplash injuries and make it difficult for fraudulent claims to gain compensation through an independent medical board.

Aviva recommended that victims should consider going directly to their insurance companies to make a claim as it can effectively slash off £1.5 billion from the yearly expenses of insurance companies, bringing down the car insurance repayments by £60.

However, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers condemn these new guidelines, stating that victims are left vulnerable and become left out of the justice system. They also said that if victims directly made a claim to insurance companies, the insurance company can just offer a lump-sum repayment that is not enough for the victim’s compensation.

Medical Negligence: What The Government Expects You To Do

The increase of the NHS Wales Risk Pool by £15.2 million is not caused by no win no fee legal representatives, but because of the increasing costs in providing compensation for medical negligence claims. Analysts say that the increase is because of medical technology advances that ensures the victim’s higher life expectancy. Law representatives agree; they say that today, a £4m medical negligence lawsuit can get £10m due to the new specialist processes in recovering patients.

The new medical technologies and the added lawyer’s fee after every winning or losing case is actually what increases the amounts, says authorities. The government is about to set aside win/lose no fee claims back to no win no fee case for small cases. The Small Claims Court will also be increasing its payout from £2000 to £5000 to deal with small cases that have the likelihood of fraud. However, experts say that medical negligence is unlikely to revert to no win no fee.

However, because of the increase in the risk pool, many people are worried about UK’s medical care quality; the increase in the risk pool may mean the government expects more accidents. Health boards themselves say that the cuts in NHS and healthcare spending are the main causes of many accidents as medical professionals are demotivated in doing their jobs.

With the return of the no win no fee legal system in place of the no win no fee, the government expects to filter out fraudulent claims from the Small Claims Court and leave the NHS to pay for only the severe, cannot-easily-be-faked diseases. However, this might mean that the government is trying to cheat you, and it does not want you to cheat on them. Clearly, the government expects you to gain only the precise compensation that you deserve.