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South African Government To Investigate Volkswagen Emissions Scandal

Following its emissions rigging, Volkswagen is being investigated in South Africa as the carmaker admits about 11 million cars worldwide may have actually failed all emissions tests. South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs and Transport and the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications said it was important to verify the possible rigging of US vehicle emissions tests.

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkom had resigned about two days. Matthias Mueller from Porsche may take over the business.

Meanwhile, the European Commission intends to launch a Europe-wide query into the Volkswagen scandal that many business analysts believe to be Germany’s biggest economic downfall. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Volkswagen must restore confidence in its company.

Volkswagen provides about 250,000 local jobs in Germany and is a key economic player for the international carmaking industry. With Volkswagen’s failing investor confidence, Germany’s consumer economy could possibly fail. Volkswagen’s shares had gone down by 40 percent.

Development heads for Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi may be dismissed as the three were responsible in developing the software emissions examination. The software can lower the fume emissions of the vehicles while undergoing strict emissions tests from different regulators worldwide. Because of the rigging, US regulators had fined Volkswagen with $18 billion.