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Maputo: The Next Shining Economic Star Of The World.

Compared to Manhattan, journalists and analysts alike have praised the progress of Maputo’s economy and infrastructure and tourism development. Journalists describe the billions of dollars in investments from private individuals and companies. Most of these investments pour into offshore gas wells that will produce enough for the economy in a few years.


With its economic growth, analysts see the confidence and optimism of the city with small theatre shows, great nightlife and dining and showcasing the country’s history.

Many saw the change from the sewage and squatting in the last 20 years into monumental parks and museums, hotels and new condominiums fit for the Manhattan lifestyle.

Taxi companies have progressed greatly, helping contribute to the increasing traffic of the city.

To help improve its tourism image, Maputo’s street corners have maps that indicate areas of interest. Street signs have also been replaced, along with a short description of the street’s name and history.

The French-Mozambican Cultural Centre next to its great nightlife areas had become very popular. The city is alive with music, with plenty of tourists and nationals comfortable with the cool and welcoming atmosphere of the cities.

Analysts see that Maputo could become the next great economic city that showcases what it could offer with its continually improving developments.