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Maputo’s Urbanization The Latest Challenge to Mozambique’s Growing Economy

According to economic development analysts, Mozambique’s growing economy is offset by its challenges to urbanise the capital of Maputo. According to them, half of households only live on less than $125 monthly.

The capital has a population of 2.5 million, which would grow to four million by 2025. With no clear urban planning growth in the 1980s, thousands of plots of land were redistributed for citizen housing. Because of this unregulated urban growth, it has overstretched the city’s health, education and transport systems.

This had led to the poor quality of living in the area. Residents are living in inadequate housing in low areas prone to flash floods, virtually no access to water and sewage systems, and waterborne disease outbreaks.

About three quarters of residents live in informal settlements. Most of these are built with poor material. According to’s research, most apartments in Maputo, despite their comely appearance, are prone to power shortages.

Road development is also an issue in Maputo. The roads have been loosely developed with poor materials. Because of the poor construction, some sewage systems have been exposed, allowing patches of farmland in the urban area to use it for crop irrigation.