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Frelimo and Renamo Party Clash Before Election Polls

A day-long fight between two African political party supporters erupted on Monday. The supporters of both the Frelimo and Renamo had brought back memories of the 16 year long civil war from 1992. According to political analysts, the fighting between the two parties reflect the unstable relationship of the two ever since.

The two parties clashed in the northern city of Nampula, injuring 23 people. Authorities arrested 13 people.

They had used tear gas to disperse the Renamo supporters who caused the fighting in Nampula as Frelimo supporters did not retaliate against their all-day skirmishes.

However, Renamo Candidate Afonso Dhlakama blamed the Frelimo for instigating the violence and accused authorities for firing live ammunition to their supporters and choosing sides in the election.

According to Renamo MP Ivone Soares, Frelimo members had called the Renamo supporters as “bandito”, a name attributed to the Renamo by the Frelimo in the past.

Meanwhile, foreign investors are watching the political tides in Mozambique. Many are planning to do business to cultivate the country’s vast gas industry.