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Dhlakama Seals Peace Deal With Maputo Government

Mozambican Rebel Leader Afonso Dhlakama  had sealed his peace deal with the Maputo Government to finally end the two-year conflict between the government and rebels, which had caused great economic uncertainty in the area of Africa.

In Maputo Airport, Dhlakama addressed the people cheering and wanting to see him, he said “I want to thank you all for coming here. On October 15, I want this same crowd. I want you all to vote Afonso Dhlakama, Number One, and Renamo, Number 2.” He said this in reference to the Presidential and Parliamentary Voting in Maputo.

He took a “victory lap” along with his supporters around the airport until he was escorted by guards to the Renamo Headquarters.

Dhlakama, a former rebel leader, went into hiding since October 2012. His group had begun a rebellion after he said the Maputo government did not keep its end to a peace deal in 1992. Renamo fighters had hidden in the Gorgosaurus mountains after the conflict went into a full-scale conflict.

Frelimo, a rival rebel group, said that it is certain to defeat Renamo during the voting on October 15.

Many international diplomats said investor confidence will finally increase for Maputo as the announcement of a peace deal will ensure investment security and to finally pave the way of growth for the country.