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Mozambican Government and Renamo Agree to Cease Fire

After two years of low-level insurgencies, the Mozambican government and Renamo had agreed to a “cessation of clashes” after reaching a peace deal Monday. According to an opposition lawmaker, the Mozambican government is ready to grant amnesty to all rebels involved in the two years’ worth of violence between government and rebel forces.

According to the Renamo delegation head Saimone Macuiana, this is not the end of the work the Renamo has built, but a start to the achievement of peace, stability and the well-being of the people of Mozambique and the rename.

The Mozambican government is set to create the new laws that would ratify the peace and amnesty deal between the parties. MP Ivone Soares said that the process will be handled quickly as there is a consensus between the two parties to escalate the agreement as soon as possible.

Renamo forces have been fighting against the Mozambican forces for sixteen years. Its latest activities in the last two years were low-level insurgencies. Members were believed to be attacking public vehicles on the north-south highway of Mozambique since April of 2013. A few months later, a military offensive had captured a Renamo base camp in Gornogosa.

The peace deal includes integrating the rebel forces into the armed forces of Mozambique and local police forces.