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Renamo Spokesman Detained by Mozambique Authorities

Renamo Spokesman Detained by Mozambique AuthoritiesAuthorities have captured The Office of the President of Renamo Spokesman Antonio Muchunga after he left the peace talks between the Mozambican government and the opposition. Muchunga is accused of inciting violence against the government using his capacity as the spokesman of Party Leader Afonso Dhlakama, who is still in hiding. He is the second Renamo spokesman arrested in the previous year.

Dhlakama threatens to divide the country once again unless the Mozambican government agrees to his demands, which involve the representation of Renamo in the armed forces and police. Dhlakama is a former leader of a rebel group that attacked the Frelimo government in 2013 and is still continuing.

Spokesman Muchunga had repeatedly accused the Mozambican government for inciting violence and suppressing the freedom of expression of the Mozambican press.

However, all speculation by the opposition party is lost as they do not understand the motive the Mozambican government has for arresting the spokesman.

Police surrounded the vehicle and took away Muchunga, accompanied by Renamo State Council member Manuel Lole. Lole had not been captured, but described that Muchunga was “smuggled away.”