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Mozambique’s Head Judge Killed in Maputo

Head Judge Dinis Silica’s Car had been riddled when the traffic light hit red in a district in Maputo. Silica was investigating a number of kidnappings in Mozambique and police have considered the possibility that the judge’s investigations linked to the attack. However, they also consider that the £70,000 cash in his vehicle attracted the perpetrators

According to Maputo Police Spokesperson Arnaldo Chefu, the attackers fired against Silica’s car with AK-47s. These high-powered weapons may explain that the kidnappers, or collaborators, are involved in the killing of Judge Silica. He said that the police is now dealing with organised crime and most of the kidnappers are truly violent.

Dinis Silica had been investigating several kidnappings in Mozambique in recent years. Kidnappers of the children, men and women asked for ransom of hundreds of thousands of dollars and have yet to be resolved. The police strongly believe he was getting close to a lead until the attackers caught him off guard in Maputo.

This fact is supported by the idea that the briefcase of £70,000 cash was untouched after the attack. However, the police said they will not rule out the angle that it was a botched robbery as well.

Mozambique kidnappers often target high-class businessmen and middle-class people for ransom. Kidnappers had killed a child last year, which caused outrage in east Africa.