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Mozambique To Pass Anti-Poaching Law

Mozambique is considering to publish a new law that will allow authorities to reduce, or altogether ban poaching and poachers. The new law proposal came after authorities found 277 Rhinos killed for poaching. The Conservation Areas Law will allow authorities to imprison those caught poaching for up to 12 years and have them fined £75,000 for poaching endangered species in Africa.

Aside from rhinos, elephants are also hunted for their rare tusks in South Africa.

Mozambique had been criticized by many animal rights organizations for not outlawing wildlife poaching in Mozambique. Buyers of smuggled horns from rhinos and elephants get away with purchases with small fines.

Illegal hunters had virtually decimated Mozambique’s rhino and elephant population as ivory poaching increased in the past. Today, the practice still continues and the northern part of the country is still hunting endangered species for ivory.

According to South Africa’s Environmental Affairs they recognize the need for stricter wildlife management and protection. However, despite their efforts to patrol the air and the land, poaching still continues in large quantities.

In the year 2013, 1000 rhinoceros were poached in South Africa due to its high demand in Asian countries. They are reportedly used for making medicine in many Asian countries.