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Why Socializing is Important in Traveling

You may have heard stories of some travellers recalling the time they talked with a local when they got lost or when they needed directions. These people, who learned to speak the native language of their travel location, expressed the genuine appreciation of culture and local tradition just because they learned to speak the local language.

These stories prove that socializing with anyone in your vacation, even the people who may not understand your native or secondary language will help you enjoy your vacation further. It will help you know more about culture, the composition of the language and the reflection of the local culture and tradition in the language’s construction.

When you talk to local people in their own language, you share camaraderie with them given that your way of talking does not implore them to give you special treatment. In this way, you win their respect, and they find it more comfortable to talk to you in their own language.

Socializing will also help you find better tips, especially in trying to lower your expenses. Some cheaper or non-tourist price boutique shops only have retailers who might only speak in their native tongues. By learning their language, effective communication can give you things you need for half the price.

Remember, learning a new language is difficult, but rewarding, not just because it helps you during your vacations, but because it helps you learn more about the country and makes your travels safer with people genuinely giving you their help.

East African Leaders Declare Refusal of Coup

East African leaders stated that they will not allow an overthrow of South Sudan’s government as clashes between the government and the opposition had brought more than 1,000 casualties. Kenya’s president had also declared an immediate end to the fighting to give way for diplomatic discussion on both sides.

The coup in South Sudan roots from a power struggle between President Salva Kiir and former deputy Riek Machar. The power struggle had involved ethnicity-related killings, specifically between the Dinka and Nuer Ethnic groups, which Kiir and Machar respectfully belong to.

More than 10,000 refugees had fled the country. Over 60,000 South Sudanese refugees are currently in UN compounds across Africa.

The Igad, an eight-member East African bloc, had met in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The Kenyan and Ethiopian president had met with President Kiir in Juba in South Sudan earlier than the Nairobi meeting to discuss the problem in the country. However, President Kiir will be absent according to a State House Official because of the earlier Juba meeting with both leaders.

According to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Igad will not accept the unconstitutional overthrow of a duly and democratically-elected government in South Sudan.

A major stakeholder of South Sudan’s oil exports, China had sent its own envoy to try and negotiate an end to the political instability in the country.