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Port of Maputo Expected to Handle 17 Million Tons of Cargo

According to the Maputo Port Development Company, they expect the Port of Maputo to exceed its current record of 17 million tons of cargo. According to the Mozambican news agency AIM, Minister for Transport and Communications Gabriel Muthisse, said that the efforts for growth and commitment to the national and regional economy had the port’s growth as evidence.

The expectations of the Maputo Port Development Company come at a crucial time as the Sappi group is eyeing the African port as its export centre to Asian Markets. The group announced in October that together with four more companies, they will make use of the port to ship 10,000 containers yearly using the Port of Maputo. The group’s factory resides 250 kilometers away in Mpumalanga.

The Sappi group dissolves wood pulp, which it exports to different clients and business all over the world such as China, India and Indonesia. Its primary use is to make thread for textiles and other luxury flooring.

According to Muthisse, more work is needed for the port to have “economic justification”. Muthisse hinted that future projects could mean renovating the port to accommodate larger ships to put it at the same level as the Richards Bay and Durban ports in the area.