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South African Mall Construction Site Roof Collapse Leaves Dozens Trapped

About 50 people are estimated to be trapped after the collapse of a mall’s construction site roof. One person was killed in the incident. Authorities said that survivors are very likely to be found with the current rescue operations.

Teams are working in the dark with sniffer dogs in looking for the surviving employees at the Mall’s construction site in Tongaat, which is near Durban. According to the rescue operator Neil Powell, it was very difficult to find the survivors in the dark.

Aside from the 50 people trapped under the rubble, 30 injured people were delivered to hospitals. According to paramedics who responded to the scene, some of the injured had massive traumatic injuries.

The accident happened during the afternoon Tuesday. With 100 workers working while with hydraulic equipment was breaking through the concrete blocks, the roof’s foundation fell, according to investigators. However, according to Chris Bottha of Netcare 911, it was still too early to determine the cause of the collapse.

According to Tongaat’s Deputy Mayor, they had already imposed an injunction to halt the construction of the mall at the site. He said the construction firms failed to follow the law and violated certain safety conditions in continuing the building. The Deputy admitted they did not know the contractors continued their activities.