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Financial Conduct Authority Reveals PPI Claims Investigation Results

According to the Financial Conduct Authority, only 6 out of 18 banks are complying with the standards and proper processing of PPI claims. The remaining banks are still “slowing down” the entire PPI claims process. FCA Chief Executive Martin Wheatley said that he expected payment protection insurance complaints to die down in months, but he said that “it was not the case”.

PPI is the most complained-about financial product in the United Kingdom, meriting 75% of the total complaints the Financial Ombudsman Services currently receives. Anybody intending to make a claim is advised to work with a PPI Claims Company to aid in legal counsel and precise repayment estimates.

The Financial Ombudsman Service confirmed that it received around 266,000 PPI complaints in the first two quarters of 2013 marking a significant increase of 26% from the last quarter of 2012. According to Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney, banks are still “dragging their feet” to address the situation.

The investigation of the Financial Conduct Authority found that bank call centres do not pay attention to the detail of a PPI’s inclusions and exclusions, enough attention to customer circumstances during the time of sale and could not provide a good reason as for the unnecessary bank delays in the provision of compensation.


Issues Existing in Maputo Today

Maputo is a great place to stay for vacation as people are hospitable and with the great charms of the tropical climate and restaurants and hotels, you could easily be tranced. However, Maputo is like any other country. Sometimes, one country has more problems than other vacation spots. Maputo also has its own great, unresolved issues.

1. Poverty
Maputo is a very poor city greatly affected by the economic crises in the past few years, the inflation of prices and daily needs. You could probably see children greatly below the adult age begging for money in the streets. The limited opportunities to gain income in the city had many beg for money or even do menial jobs.

2. Problem With Transportation
Maputo has not enough buses and mini-vans for its local population. While cabs could take anybody anywhere, it is a very expensive way to travel. People could spend half their income monthly for transportation.

3. Sanitation
While restaurants, hotels and resorts provide the best amenities to tourists and to rich locals, there is insufficient housing and sanitary conditions for locals are well beyond world standard. Slum-like house construction using cheap construction materials and even makeshift items exist in town outskirts. The plentiful numbers of these neighbourhoods make for poor sanitary conditions in the slums.