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Becoming an Expatriate in Maputo

East Africa is a great country to live in and Maputo is certainly a good place to stay in. The tropical temperature, natural and wide environment will give you the comforts that no urban paradise could provide. Here are a few things to remember to become an expatriate in Maputo.


1. Culture
Maputo has its own culture and you have your own too. However, if you are to stay in the country, it is important that you learn about its history and culture. Getting along with neighbors and the community means learning the language, body language, the people’s beliefs and needs and how to respect their culture.

2. Cicade Cimento
If you are looking to stay with other expatriates in Maputo, Cicade Cimento occupies a great view to the sea and has the largest community of expatriates. However, the cost of living in this area might be quite expensive. As an urban location, Cicade Cimento is prone to heavy traffic and high pollution.

3. Baixa
If you’re interested in Maputo’s history and culture, you could visit Baixa and find the ruins of the early buildings of both colonists and early settlers. Baixa has a steady stream of tourists, but you could own a property here for you to live in and use the area’s tourist traffic to your advantage, such as buying another property for transient rental.

Maputo to Become BMW’s New Exporting Centre

The car manufacturing giant had announced that it would use both South Africa’s Durban and Maputo ports to ease the burden on SA’s Durban port in exporting the latest 3-series Sedan currently manufactured in a BMW assembly plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria. With five-digit exports, an almost 70,000 unit export was too heavy for Durban, leaving Maputo to take at least 30% of the burden.

BW SA Manager Bodo Donaeur said that the new export system is the beginning of a new competitive logistics network. The export network would allow access to South African Development Community ports and other sea, rail and road freights.

BMW’s attention turned to Maputo after its disappointment with South Africa’s rail and port services, which lacked in performance. Donaeur said the new split-port system will allow the business great clout in terms of logistics and will allow him to assess Maputo’s long-term stability for BMW’s stay.

The new 3-series Sedan in Durban will be exported to the United States as 20% is sold locally in South Africa.  Around 14% of Durban’s exports go to Japan, 6% to China and 4.4% to Australia.

The Maputo Port, which invested highly in the car import and export industry, looks to other Pretoria manufacturers such as Nissan SA and Ford SA to take advantage of the capabilities of the port after BMW SA takes it up on its deal.