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Learning a New Language in A Few Steps

If you’re wanting to go to Maputo or other places where English is rarely spoken, you’ll need to learn their native language and fast. Here are a few steps that can help make the effort easier on your part.

1. Pronunciation
You might know the syllables, words and phrases, but if you pronounce them incorrectly, the locals may not understand you. Practice the pronunciation of the language first using the alphabets in the language. Work on the most difficult sounds with daily repetition until you become confident. Focus on the intonation, stress and rhythm of the common short social sentences and social questions as well.

2. Free Lessons
Online you could find free audiobooks that teach about your needed language. Choose a popular audiobook in their language about a subject that finds your interest. Burn a CD and listen in your car or place the audio file in your portable media player. This helps with your listening skills. Repeat the audiobooks daily.

3. Dictionary
You’ll probably need a dictionary while learning and while you’re on location during your travel. When you encounter a new word, highlight it in your dictionary. If you could purchase a children’s picture book that teaches the language, you could learn easier, but still, keep a standard dictionary of the language.

4. Watch Media in that Language
To train yourself, allow media in the country’s language as background or ambient noise while you’re doing something around the house. This helps condition your mind that the language is second-nature to you.