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Starting a Business in Maputo and Africa

Maputo is a great place to spend a vacation in, but if you want to continue living in the country, you need to own at least one residential property to begin your business. Starting a business in Maputo is similar to every country’s guidelines. However, you’ll also need to face the following.

1. Market Research
In Maputo, regardless of how beautiful the place and city is, you might find little to no information about low-cost start ups and support for your endeavours. However, most researchers say that most of the time, Maputo market gaps include the smallest of things, including varieties, quantities, choices, luxuries and even gardening tools. This can serve as a good starting point.

2. Resources
Be sure to identify the resource areas you’ll be getting your supplies to produce your product or provide your service. These resources include the factories that will make the packaging for your products, the equipment you need for your services. Locate the nearest in the vicinity to ensure lower costs in delivery and faster delivery track dates.

3. Registering Your Name
You could make use of a company-registering service that charges a fee to register your name or you could do it yourself. You will also need to pay for the copyright and trademark of the name if possible. In Maputo, they would need you to name your company as something related to your industry. For example, Axel’s Heavy Industry talks about construction.