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Medical Negligence: What The Government Expects You To Do

The increase of the NHS Wales Risk Pool by £15.2 million is not caused by no win no fee legal representatives, but because of the increasing costs in providing compensation for medical negligence claims. Analysts say that the increase is because of medical technology advances that ensures the victim’s higher life expectancy. Law representatives agree; they say that today, a £4m medical negligence lawsuit can get £10m due to the new specialist processes in recovering patients.

The new medical technologies and the added lawyer’s fee after every winning or losing case is actually what increases the amounts, says authorities. The government is about to set aside win/lose no fee claims back to no win no fee case for small cases. The Small Claims Court will also be increasing its payout from £2000 to £5000 to deal with small cases that have the likelihood of fraud. However, experts say that medical negligence is unlikely to revert to no win no fee.

However, because of the increase in the risk pool, many people are worried about UK’s medical care quality; the increase in the risk pool may mean the government expects more accidents. Health boards themselves say that the cuts in NHS and healthcare spending are the main causes of many accidents as medical professionals are demotivated in doing their jobs.

With the return of the no win no fee legal system in place of the no win no fee, the government expects to filter out fraudulent claims from the Small Claims Court and leave the NHS to pay for only the severe, cannot-easily-be-faked diseases. However, this might mean that the government is trying to cheat you, and it does not want you to cheat on them. Clearly, the government expects you to gain only the precise compensation that you deserve.

Travel Trends Possible in 2013

Traveling is a luxurious activity for any person as it is a break from the norm and the things that one often goes through on a daily basis. Traveling trends in 2013 are not as much as the same in 2013. Both travelers and industry operators and business should consider the following as they conduct vacations during every season.

1. Group Travels

More and more people are favoring group travels not just because vouchers and discount coupons allow them to enjoy more while going with more people, but because more people can chip in with the itineraries of the vacation spot. Group traveling may seem troublesome with unwanted company, but after a few social activities in the morning, each person can want their own “alone time” during the afternoon to the evening.

2. Internet Tourism

More and more people continue to travel as they are enticed by online advertisement and photos of friends in social networks. Tourism in the Internet has never been so easy, and travel operators make it much more easier for people to share their experiences online with constant free WiFi indoors, outdoors or even in the airplane. Honestly, posting photos of yourself during your trip is free advertising for many travel companies.

3. Taking The Finest Break

However, the downside of having a constant Internet connection is the feeling that one actually never left home, but is traveling in a different place and just staying a while. People’s attachment to mobile devices with Internet access nowadays is quite strong. Hotels and vacation resorts that offer no wi-fi connection except for a few select spots are becoming famous for people who want to really take a break from the use of the Internet. Indeed, no communication and self-satisfaction is the best way to take a fine break.